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A screen shot (also called a screen capture or screencap) is not something you find on any given webpage or application, but instead something you create.  It is a snapshot of the current view you have on your computer at a given time.  If you have a database up, you can take a snapshot of that database, but if you have only the desktop up on your screen you could take a snapshot of that too, or your email application, or any video game. Click here for a great website that demonstrates the different methods you can use to take a screenshot. 


How to take a screen shot depends on what kind of computer you are using:


If it is a PC running Windows, you press the button “Prnt Scrn”, usually in the top right corner of the keyboard.  You can also capture only the selected application by using “Prnt Scrn”+”Alt”.  Then you will want to click in your document and press “ctrl”+”v” to Paste the image onto you document. 


If you are using a laptop, you might need to use the “function” key to take a screenshot. The function key is a key with the letters “fn” and may be another color or have a circle around it.  You will need to hit this key in combination with the Print screen in order to capture the image on your screen.


If you are using a Mac, the directions might be more like “Cmd”+”shift”+3.


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