Answered By: Jennifer Luzadder
Last Updated: Feb 04, 2015     Views: 10

It depends.  Here's what you can do freely with Web content:

  • You can link to the homepage of a site without permission by posting the link or by word-linking.
  • You can forward or “share” an article using one of the share symbols or links provided by the service that hosts the content – options often include social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes, an email function. (Note: You cannot share the resource in any way other than that provided by the service.)

If you want to "deep-link" to something (i.e., link to a page that is not the home page of a site), you must consider permissions.

  1. Check the CCC Annual License to see if the site is covered; if so, follow the guidelines given by the CCC as set forth under the Academic License.
  2. If the content is not covered by the CCC, check the Terms of Use for the site.
  3. If you cannot comfortably determine that the Terms of Use allows for usage of the work in a course template, seek permission.

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